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Monotube Type

16 Adjustable levels of bump


Practical use for street usage and wide range of events. For every route the appropriate setting.The H.Drive S spec allows a slowly and individual Approach to various settings for driving experience and driving comfort. Just as individual as you are.

GIVING YOU THE FLEXIBILITY B spec Monotube gas-pressure make for Asia vehicles. The individually adjustable rebound stage damping ensures a better connection on fast road sections and an easier vehicle control. The driving comfort on poor road surfaces can significantly be influenced with a customized rebound stage damping. Designed with large diameter piston at 44mm. (some vehicles). Forged aluminum upper mount. Forged aluminum sheet for reduced weight and increased durability and strength. Aluminum bracket coated in black anodized paint to improve corrosion resistance.


The high-strength spring made of chrome-silicon steel is vehicle specific adjusted in the respective suspension damper in its spring rate for long life it is multicoated.
      At a progressive spring rate, the suspension spring consits of differently strong spring windings. When a force acts, the weak windings give up at first and then the stronger spring windings. Adjust the height-low of car not affect the softness.


(use H.Drive Product)


Nissan March
Mitsubishi mirage
TOYOTA yaris-sport
honda brio
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