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PT Maxnitron race 5-6 at Bira Circuit.

Our team H.DRIVE MOTOR SPORT has been participated PT Maxnitron race 5-6 during November 8-10, 2019 at Bira Circuit.

Siam GT 3rd of Race 5 #58 Seat Leon Mr. Chen Jian Hong Siam1500 4th of Race 5 and 5th of Race 6 #57 Mr. Moh Tze Yang

The leader team, Mr. Chen Jian Hong would like to appreciate Mr. Moh Tze Yang who let us, H Drive Customer Racing Team, to provide services on racing car. Finally, we would like to appreciate PT MAXNITRON organization for conducting such a great event for us to have fun together.

H. Drive Customer Racing Team is ready to enhance, and also be very pleasure to provide service to evey guest. Thank you for following us this 2019 year.

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