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Super Turbo Thailand 2019 Round 1-2

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Successfully finished ! No:158 Racing Driver : Chen Jian Hong Round 1 = 1st of SUPER TURRBO D1 Round 2 = 1st of SUPER TURRBO D1

No:128 Racing Driver : Wongwarit C.

Rome didn't build in a day. This famous sentence is the best description for racing achievement. We aim to get championship for 2019. There are many unforeseen problems on the cars, competitors, weather and several uncontrollable factors. Unfortunately, one of our car No.128 had the car problem which makes us DNF in round 1 and DNS in round 2. On the other hand, No.158 the professional racing driver Mr. Chen had been surprisingly exposed his performance to everybody that he made fastest lap time in qualifying sessions on both round to get pole position in starting grid. The good co-operation between racing driver and team led us to be CHAMPIONSHIP of round 1 and 2, Idenmitsu Super Turbo Thailand 2019.

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