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Monotube Type

30 Stage adjustment method

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• Practical use for street or circuit and wide range of events.

• Designed with large diameter piston at 44mm(some vehicles).

• Forged aluminum upper mount. (some vehicles)

• Forged aluminum sheet for reduced weight and increased durability and strength.

• Rigid bracket coated with special pain to achieve durability.

• Aluminum bracket coated in black anodized paint to improve corrosion resistance.

• Included height adjustment wrench.



(use H.Drive Product)

Honda-Civic-FK Type-R
Honda Civic FD
Toyota gt86
Honda_Civic FN Type R
Mitsubishi lancer EX
Mazda_3 Skyactiv
Mazda Cx-3
Nissan Juke Nismo
Honda Jazz New
Toyota Altis