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Product Warranty



Terms & Conditions


1. The product warranty will be covered for customer who have filled up warranty card.


2. Customer will be requested to show warranty card every time before having product service and maintenance.


3. All information on warranty card must be completely filled up. The official part of warranty must return to H.Drive service center by post with free of charge where the receiver's address is on another side of warranty card.


4. H.Drive damper product has 2-year warranty (Depends on the conditions of each country)


5. Attending H.Drive service center for product service and maintenance, or claim, customer agreed to afford for reasonable price of service fee.


6. The claim process will take time for 15-30 days. 


7. The product warranty will not take place when dealers or customers have not returned the warranty card to H.Drive service center.


8. H.Drive damper can be claimed with free of charge when the product gets oil leak, inefficient working of compression and rebound.


9. H.Drive damper is monotube damping system which offers high driving performance.

The extra size of valve has been installed , the mixing of gas and oil in the same chamber, driver may usually hear some noise when driving slowly on rough road as the sound refers to the working of damper. 


10. Customer may attend H.Drive service center for check up if there are clanging of metal or oil leak.


11. The product warranty terms and conditions may be changed in later without prior notice.

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